Simple Sowing – Responsive Website Build


Project Description

To deliver a website build on a tight budget and where a customer doesn’t have a fixed idea of how they want a site to look, we often recommend a template as a starting point.

There are good and bad templates and we always ensure we recommend one that is lightweight, SEO friendly and can be customised to make the design fit a customers brand image.

Many websites are now being designed using a ‘Responsive template‘ to provide the optimum user experience, irrespective of the device the shopper uses to visit.

Simple Sowing’s website design was such a case and provides Ajax Add to Basket, responsive design and a WordPress/Magento linked blog (using Fishpig’s extension). The site can be browsed on desktop, tablet or mobile and will adapt its design to present the best user experience to each.

Project Details

Client: Simple Sowing

Tags: Custom Design, Customisation, Magento, MailChimp, Responsive Design, Wordpress

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