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Moving from a bespoke eCommerce platform is not impossible but it brings with it, its own set of challenges. The System that Brilliant Inc were using no longer functioned correctly with problems such as not displaying pages correctly and not providing sales information that was essential to run the business.

They approached eCommerceIT from a recommendation and due to some previous work we had completed for them involving a Linkshare data feed for their products. They were happy with the quality of this work and decided to choose us for their eCommerce migration.

Due to the problems with the old site, products had to be manually copied across using cut and paste into Magento, with product details primarily sourced from the Linkshare data feed. This was because the old control panel did not function correctly and didn’t display products that were supposedly visible. Images also had to be manually located, directly from the server.

Brilliant Inc were recommended to use Fasthosts for their new server. eCommerceIT are happy to consider any hosting platform provided it allows the level of server customisation and access that a system like Magento provides. Fasthosts did provide this functionality and we opted for a dedicated server. Onto this we installed a ‘bare-bones’ CentOS6 Linux operating system along with NginX to deliver the web pages.

NginX has now become the unofficial recognised system to use with Magento since it delivers the website pages very efficiently (and therefore quickly) providing a great user experience, much, much faster than Apache.

eCommerceIT worked with Brilliant to customise the design so that it correctly represented their brand and ethos. The design was fully responsive giving a great user experience in desktop, tablet and phone. We also worked with Brilliant Inc’s own 3rd part designers to add banners, and slides fitting in with the company’s brand.

Mailchimp integration (also added) allowed 2-way synchronisation between their Magento newsletter database and their existing MailChimp database meaning you could sign up via either system and the 2 systems would be locked together. Unsubscribes were similarly synced.

Ajax Add to Basket along with Ajax ‘Continuous Scroll’ (think Facebook and Twiiter that load new items without you having to click on page 2, 3 etc). were also included and configured, all improving the visitor experience.

Linkshare and Google Product feeds were added allowing external product feeds to be created and used by 3rd party programs to increase external visibility of the site.

The category images are also retina ready showing in super-high resolution when you browse the website on a retina device such as a 4th generation iPad or iPad Mini.

Product schema tags were configured on the product page providing rich snippet tags for the search engines ensuring that the site had the best possible visibility to the search engines.

WordPress was also installed onto the server providing the functionality behind the ‘Press’ section on the site as well as giving Brilliant Inc the tools to inform their customers and to start blogging, to add to the content on the site. Fishpig’s Magento/Wordpress integration extension allows the blog to share the same design as the Magento site making it a seamless transition moving between them as well as giving the blog a responsive design too.

We also added the excellent Webshop Apps Matrixrate extension allowing Brilliant Inc to fine-tune their shipping/delivery options as well as providing a UK only Free Delivery promotion.

Dervla Curran from Brilliant Inc had this to say

I highly recommend working with Alistair. The calibre of work, professionalism, communication and delivery on our project was second to none. Every step of the way was worked on meticulously, seamlessly and all of our requirements met. Alistair delivered direct informative training sessions that were invaluable. As a result of this project our e commerce site has been transformed increased sales for two fold for the business. We look forward to continuing to work with Alistair.


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Client: Brilliant Inc

Tags: Customisation, Magento, MailChimp, Migration, Product Feed, Responsive Design, Server Tuning, Theme Customisation, Wordpress

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