Atlas Digital Maps – Magento Enhanced


Project Description

Sadly there are some companies that let people down with a Magento build. This is where eCommerceIT can help.

We are often approached by businesses who have had a website built by an agency/developer but its not working correctly, is running slowly or lacks the functionality that they require.

It might be that certain features just don’t work the way they expected since a foreign company was involved and there were mistakes in the translation and expectations.

This is where we come in. We’re happy to take on other people’s websites, reverse-engineer code, trouble-shoot problems, resolve server issues and repair code. We can also write custom code to provide functionality or customise 3rd party extensions to enhance features and personalise them for a business.

Atlas Digital Maps were an example of this. We didn’t build their website or design it. Our involvement was just to complete the project and fix some functions and design errors, so that they could actually start selling from their site.

So if you have a Magento website and you’re having problems and your current developer/agency can’t/won’t help you, contact us.

Project Details

Client: Atlas Digital Maps

Tags: Customisation, Magento, Maintenance

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